About Us…

marcjoseph began in 2000 as a retail store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Antique and vintage collectors Marc Modrow and Joe Dusick created a showroom unique to Wisconsin, with sophisticated furnishings from the 1880’s to the 1970’s, and an exclusive line of wood bedroom and dining room furniture designed by Marc. In addition, there was vintage clothing from throughout the twentieth century, including the legendary fashion designers from around the world. Yes, it was a little unusual in suburban Milwaukee. Some people loved it and some didn’t. Nonetheless, marcjoseph grew.

In 2004, Marc returned to his native California, moving the retail showroom, first to Burbank, then to Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. California was an excellent place and marcjoseph continued to grow. The 5000 square foot showroom was a great place for entertaining. We hosted art shows, charity events, fashion shows, and even live music every Thursday night.

Most of the retail business came by appointment, and the overhead for the large showroom was extreme. marcjoseph closed the retail showroom in September 2007, continuing to meet clients by appointment through our warehouse. This gave us the freedom to create and produce many new series of events.

Now, marcjoseph is an event production company, hosting art shows, music concerts, charity, fashion, and business networking. Southern California is filled with amazing talent, and we are thrilled to be able to produce and be involved with so many creative and wonderful people. We continue to sell our collection of clothing and furnishings through our own events, through in-home shopping parties, here on our blog, and through our website http://www.marcjoseph.com/

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Marc and Joe


Here are photos of the former marcjoseph showroom, 7210 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. We closed the retail showroom in September 2007. Much of the merchandise has been sold, but much is also in storage, waiting for the right opportunities to be shown. Let us know if there is something that “speaks” to you.

I thought I would miss having that big, luxurious space. But so many amazing things have been happening since then, moving forward is so much more exciting than looking back.