We’re very excited and had to share. Our friend Rabbi Barry Tuchman has been keeping his brilliant talent hidden, but we are passing it on because his work is just so stunning.

He has been photographing plants and flowers, sometimes manipulating the images in wild contortions of abstract color and drama. They are magnificent in extra large scale – 4 x 6, 8 x 12 – enough to fill building lobbies with a stop-them-in-their-tracks power.

Now we’re going to share a few photos. Imagine them in enormous sizes.

This information is directly from Barry:

Unlike a painting, photography is considered by some, a more accurate visual representation of a subject.  Some feel that a photograph is a more truthful commentary of life and is less manipulated by the artist.  With the goal of using the medium of photography as his color pallet and computer graphics as his brush, Barry Tuchman has created his own genre of Abstract Nature Photography.

Photography has been a passion of Barry’s since the early sixties, however, it is only recently that inspiration compelled him to present his first series of anomalous abstract photos created for large format reproduction.

 Although his work is presented on canvas, many of his pieces are intended for the Extreme Large Format market.

Barry resides in Los Angeles and above his love for his camera and computer, Barry is an Interfaith Rabbi serving couples of differing faiths.  Traveling the world performing weddings, Barry has captured many of these exotic locales as the source of his photographic images.


A Ceremony as Unique as the Two of You

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